Access, Access, Access. Who is Your Marketing Message For?

The difference between internal messaging and your message to your customers is access to the information. You and your team are close to your subject matter. You know all the jargon, you know how it works and you know how it can benefit mankind. What about your clients? Are they as tech-savvy, health conscious, etc? Do they know the difference between fabrics, hardware or security? It’s not their job to figure out what you do, it’s yours.

Your messaging and approach needs to be accessible to the lowest common denominator. I’m not saying dumb it down, just make it easily understandable to regular human beings. That is one of the biggest tasks of the marketer. How can I get the consumers to know what I know? How do I place myself in my customers’ shoes?

Let’s take a step back for a minute and truly understand what this means. Many technologically-based companies make this mistake all the time. They have a highly complex product and are targeting technologically-savvy individuals to implement.

“I am targeting IT people, do I really need to make the subject matter accessible to the lay person?” Yes! Your IT people might be the ones installing and managing whatever you’re selling, but who really makes the decision on purchasing your product? The IT person? Or is it in fact someone higher up in management, finance or procurement, whom the IT person will need to argue on your behalf? Do you want to rely on their IT guy to explain your product to their management? No!

The best case scenario is to have specific messages catered toward each of the business units that play a role in the decision-making process. Would you have to first get through an admin gatekeeper? Create an admin-centric message. Do you need to justify the product to finance or procurement? They need it spoken in their language as well. The easier you make it for each business unit to understand, the quicker your sales cycle can become.

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