Marketing Automation & Digital Marketing Trends to Look for in 2019

AI and Predictive Analytics

Imagine AI using your existing segmentations to analyze trends and predict who your next customers will be. It’s not just the basic lead scoring that cross-references engagement with demographic data, true predictive customer probabilities. It will automatically take into account successes from previous customer acquisitions and create a profile on the types of leads you’re most likely to win. The technology is here, and the first of the big players to go to market and come up with an elegant solution will have a major leg up on the competition. This will also influence marketers to think deeper on how they segment their target audiences. We need to be more honest with ourselves and use revenue as the true barometer, not engagements. Based on engagements with previous customer wins, a predictive customer journey can be established for the highest conversion probability.


Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution Influence

Marketing attribution has long been a Rubik’s cube for marketers. Who do you attribute the conversion to? First click? Last click? The email? The salesperson? The time is now to let go of the notion of the “Magic Bullet” and educate the C-suite that marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Every component of your marketing efforts play a part in landing that whale. It’s not enough for marketing automation tools to embrace the multi-touch approach. They need to provide metrics that validate that fact. Instead of spitting out the simplistic, “this client came from email marketing.” You will get deeper. “Marketing Attribution” needs to go away to make way for “Marketing Influence.”


CEO: What caused the conversion of these clients?
Marketer: Email Marketing
CEO: OK, let’s eliminate the budget for SEO, SEM and banner ads and dump them all into Email Marketing



CEO: What caused the conversion of these clients?
40% = Email > Blog > Webinar
30% = SEO > Blog > Webinar > Email
30% = SEM > Webinar > Email

This deeper understanding will help curb the overuse and fatigue of only one or two tactics and makes way for a more varied and holistic approach in your digital marketing.


Click-Bait and Email Marketing Fatigue

We are now inundated.

At every turn, we are getting bombarded with ads, from social to our inboxes. Many emailers from large companies are even choosing to forgo best practices and are just spraying us with emails. I’ve gotten emails from known brands at a frequency of every 4 hours. Really? It’s bad enough that I was getting emails from you every day, let alone multiple times in the same day. Have you ever read a blog on email delivery and frequency. I have had it. Instead of just ignoring or deleting emails, I have gone as far as totally unsubscribing to all their email streams, and these are from companies that I want to receive content from. It’s just too much. Is it a lack of email delivery education, or is it because they rely primarily on email ONLY. They put their eggs in one basket and that is their primary revenue and engagement driver. Don’t even get me started on the clickbait ads on Facebook and Instagram. Dial it down folks! Consumers are either going to tune out the message or get rid of their accounts altogether.

If you have a more holistic campaign, you are not so reliant on one channel and can afford to dial down your frequency. God forbid I only get your emails once a week, but you have compelling articles on your blog I’m subscribing to and amazing videos on Youtube I’m following.

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