“You will be hard-pressed to find a more uniquely talented Marketing mind than that of which Ben possesses. I had the privilege of working with him for two years at Cavalier Associates, collaborating on countless projects. Ben brought a calm balance to the team that previously had not existed in an otherwise high pressure environment. I've been in marketing for over 10 years and continue to implement into my programs the very same myriad of progressive marketing strategies Ben brought to our company. Any company that has Ben spearheading their Marketing Department is a company in very good hands. And a company I want to work for. ” March 21, 2017

Ronn Burner, Marketing Automation Manager, Cavalier Associates

“Ben and I worked together as corporate marketing team for UBM Advanstar. Ben and I developed and executed multiple B2B marketing campaigns designed to drive attendee registration and retention for MAGIC. As the director of marketing technology, I was heavily reliant on Ben to successfully execute Marketo email campaigns. Ben was instrumental to our team being able to achieve marketing goals; he built and coded custom portals, developed comprehensive UI/UX flows, successfully executed mobile applications and develop ideas of marketing segmentation that enabled us to better target audiences with our marketing efforts.” June 5, 2015

Macala Wright, B2B Marketing Strategist, UBM Advanstar

“Ben is an incredibly knowledgeable person. He is very resourceful and is able to quickly problem solve in his role as Director of Marketing Technology. He was instrumental in teaching me all the cool tricks and best practices in Marketo. Though our working relationship was short, Ben was a great asset to our organization. ” April 17, 2015

Gayane Kadzhikyan, MBA, Marketing Automation & Data Scientist, UBM Advanstar

“Working with Ben, I saw how vital he was to the company’s success as the Head of Marketing. He built a marketing department from the ground up and I benefited tremendously from a variety of campaigns created and implemented by him. Without his creative thinking and innovative marketing campaigns, Spotlight would not have the impressive client portfolio it does today. Ben always has a pulse on the market and knew how to elevate the success of the staff. He always has time for others and is truly a person that enjoys going out of the way to help those succeed.

I've learned a great deal from Ben and strongly believe that any company would benefit from not only having him as a part of their marketing team but leading the charge.” February 7, 2014

Paul Schnieber, Sales Associate, Spotlight Ticket Management

“Ben's expertise and skill in marketing was always evident in the time I worked with him. While others may be set in their ways, he came to every situation with not only a common sense approach but also multiple ideas, and can work with anyone and any opportunity. Not content to stick to boilerplate methods, Ben is consistently looking for the best and most efficient way to tackle any task while still completing it with his signature passion and problem solving nature.

No matter what he had on his plate, Ben never hesitated to answer my questions and help mentor me in the world of marketing. Over the course of my time at SpotlightTMS he taught me a great deal about marketing from the basics to tips and tricks, for which I will always be extremely grateful. I would highly recommend Ben and he is a valuable member of any team.” December 5, 2014

Rachel Algar, Applications Consultant/Business Analyst, Spotlight Ticket Management

“In my year working directly under Ben as the Marketing Manager at SpotlightTMS, I grew leaps and bounds as a digital marketer and learned what it takes to be an effective communicator in a constantly-changing landscape. Ben encourages an environment of efficiency and problem-solving with his tireless work ethic and dedication to making sure marketing programs are run exactly as they should.

Ben's skills as a designer, coder and project manager not only lended to my growth and development as a marketer under his guidance, but also manifested itself in the successful complex outbound communications that come with working in the technology industry.

I would give my full recommendation to any employer looking for a dedicated marketer capable of just about any task (design, backend, marketing automation, SFDC, etc.). His guidance and gentle leadership are a pleasure and he would be a valuable addition to any team.” July 18, 2013

Ryan Balikian, Marketing Manager, Spotlight Ticket Management

“In the short time I have worked for Ben as an intern, it has become apparent that he is both extremely talented and passionate about marketing. He commands the respect of his colleagues, and is often fielding their questions in his office and providing them strong advice. Ben is constantly "sharpening his saw" and learning new ways to improve the effectiveness of his marketing strategies. As a result, SpotlightTMS is head and shoulders above its competition in name recognition and market awareness. On top of his expertise as a Marketing Director, he is also a fantastic mentor. Over the course of my internship, I have learned invaluable lessons over a broad range of skills including e-commerce, internal strategy, and search engine optimization. He is always willing to answer questions and provide advice on how to best position myself as a undergraduate for future professional success. Working with Ben has been both a pleasure and a rewarding experience.” July 22, 2012

Patrick Harmon, Business Analyst at Deloitte

“I recommend Ben Espanto. Ben is a dynamic person who can be thrown into any group and immediately have a positive impact on the output and efficiency of the team. He is excellent at following direction but this quality is rivaled only by his ability to managed others and think outside the box. He has the ability to conceptualize the big picture and work towards the greater goal of success. Any team, organization or company would be more than lucky to have Ben Espanto as a part of them.” April 13, 2012

Alex Trotta, Director of Outreach at VentureOutNY

“Ben's vision and creativity alone make him one of the most effective marketing executives that I have ever worked with. As Sales and Marketing go hand in hand, Ben has always come through for me with the ideas and materials I need to provide stronger messages about my product to my clients. I am more than happy to have him on my team.” August 17, 2011

Matt Ansis, Director of Sales, Spotlight Ticket Management worked directly with Ben F. at Spotlight Ticket Management

“I did business with Mr. Espanto while he was at the Kavinoky Law Firm. In his role as the Director of Marketing, I noticed not only his knowledge of the Legal industry, but also his attention to detail in managing various marketing and advertising avenues and the analytics that made each effective. While positive ROI is important to any organization, Ben seems to be the type that is dedicated to maximizing positive ROI. These qualities make him a great fit for any company in need of strategy to increase brand awareness, new customer/client conversions from marketing efforts, and overall profitability. His professionalism and positive attitude make him a pleasure to work with.” May 11, 2011

Ben T Fitzpatrick, Account Executive, Call Analytics, Marchex

“Ben was an intelligent and motivated worker who was able to successfully handle multiple digital agencies in an effort to improve the online presence of his firm. He was instrumental in developing unique tracking solutions that helped to improve attribution in the SEM channel. His broad knowledge base made Ben a pleasure to work with, and I know KLF will be in good hands as long as he is working there.” May 5, 2011

Bob Sturges, Account Manager, Webtrends

“It was a pleasure to work with Ben Espanto. I found him to be vigilant, professional, and highly effective. I would highly recommend him anytime.” May 3, 2011

Zach Steele, Business Development Manager, LiveAdmins

“Ben is analytical, open-minded, and hungry for results. He has a strong work ethic, and above all, is encouraging to work with. He emphasizes follow-through, and sees that his tasks are completed on time and on budget. It was a pleasure to work with him.” February 21, 2010

Erick Baldwin, Online Account Manager, WebTrends Inc.

“Ben Espanto is a master marketer that understands the foundations of what makes a great marketing strategy work and enacts those strategies upon the different advertising platforms. It is a rarity in these days to know someone who's worked in both the "old school" traditional marketing background and transitioned into the "new age" online marketing field as he would put it. He puts the best of both world's together and is shown by his continued success at the Kavinoky Law Firm.” February 18, 2010

Vince Wang, Online Account Manager, WebTrends Inc.

“Ben is one of the best examples of the modern manager I've had the chance to work for. He understands the importance of efficiency and business ethics, while still being well rounded and able to adapt to any office situation. I would consider him to be a strong asset for any company he steps into.” February 17, 2010

Neil Greenwood, Marketing Coordinator, Legal Brand Marketing reported to Ben F. at Legal Brand Marketing

“Ben Espanto is a phenomenal marketing director; innovative and always at the cutting edge of his industry! His vision and direction has proven many great successes!” January 15, 2010

Michelle Jeannest, Estate Agent, Ewing & Associates Sotheby's International Realty worked directly with Ben at Sothebys International Realty

“Since joining the team only a few months ago, Ben has stepped in with ideas and processes that have resulted in immediate positive returns for the company. He is dedicated to his craft and is constantly honing his skills by keeping abreast of the new trends in marketing. At the same time, he is also willing to share his knowledge, insights, and experience with his colleagues.

Ben is an excellent motivator who leads by example and cultivates a team-first atmosphere in the workplace. He is a true asset to the organization.” March 24, 2009

Michael Abad, MBA, Sr. Finance Analyst, The Kavinoky Law Firm

“Ben Espanto has proven time and time again that he is equipped with the knowledge and experience in the field of marketing. His vast managing skills have improved the efficiency and profitability of this company. I have seen him turn the worst aspect of a company into the very best. He is professional, articulate and a joy to work with.” March 23, 2009

Darbi Michel, Marketing Coordinator, Legal Brand Marketing reported to Ben F. at Legal Brand Marketing

“I've worked with Ben for over 4 years. He has proven to be an asset not only to his employer and the myriad of agents that rely on his experience, but to his vendors as well.

Ben is a pleasure to work with, his talent is only superceded by his professionalism.

He is an invaluable recource!” April 27, 2008

Miguel Mendoza, Owner, Monarch Printing

“To anyone who needs a marketing and advertising brain to create and implement ideas in different mediums to make your company more strategically effective, this is the guy to contact!” February 7, 2008

Claire Pimentel, CEO/Designer, Covenant Green

“Throughout my professional career I have never known anyone who is so highly skilled and talented in every aspect of marketing. Ben’s ability to take on the most difficult of tasks with ease is truly amazing. His logical and articulate nature, insightful management and exceptional leadership skills are what set him apart. Ben is the consummate marketing professional that every company should have on board.” October 26, 2007

Alanna Yamada, Consumer Marketing Director, Sotheby's International Realty reported to Ben F. at Sotheby's International Realty

“Ben is a leader in marketing Los Angeles real estate companies. I've had the pleasure of working with him at two companies and find he's an innovator with his work often being imitated. His attention to detail and ability to work well under pressure and within deadline make him an asset to any company.” October 25, 2007

Robert Tulman, Owner, b0bco LLC

“Ben is amazing at what he does, Marketing and Advertising. He is a great asset on every project he works and would be a great asset to any company. Ben is a consummate professional in all situations. This is a man you want in your corner. If I could, I would hire him!

Aaron Mischel

Pixel Planet Photography” October 24, 2007

Aaron Mischel, Owner, Pixel Planet

“Ben is a consultative, solutions-based strategic marketer and an asset for any company” October 24, 2007

Leilani Tedja, Director Client Services, Sales Athlete Inc.

“Seeing our website come to fruition is very fulfilling,” said Ewing. “Having a marketing department that can facilitate such an endeavor is truly awe-inspiring. In particular, my creative director, Ben F. Espanto, has created an engaging and user-friendly site designed to showcase our client properties as well as our outstanding sales associates.” December 9, 2005

Roger Ewing, Owner, Ewing and Associates Sotheby's International Realty. Article from the Simi Valley Acorn ( http://www.simivalleyacorn.com/news/2005-12-09/Real_Estate/056.html )