Peru: A Surprise At The Top of Macchu Picchu

(Wait! Do you want to know how we got here? Make sure you’ve read Cusco, The Preparation before you continue)

After a challenging 4 days of hiking the Inca Trail in relative solitude, we finally reached the conclusion of our trek, Macchu Picchu. We had forgotten that you can reach Macchu Picchu directly by train or even stay at a hotel in town. By the time we got there the site was already riddled with tourists. It was a little irritating because I thought the hikers should at least have some time to celebrate their efforts in a zen-like setting, since they worked so hard to get there, instead of being inundated by screaming kids, sandaled hipters and cane-toting senior citizens. It was actually difficult to take those quintessential Macchu Picchu pictures without capturing a tour group or rowdy kids in the background. Despite this minor annoyance, the site was still awe-inspiring.

Our guide, Raul found ways to show us the city off the beaten path to avoid the majority of the crowd. We also slowed our pace a little just to allow ourselves to appreciate the progression of ruins we had seen before and compare how better constructed Macchu Picchu was. As a reference, when you hike the Inca Trail, you encounter ruins along the way in progressive order, starting from decayed and eroded structures, working its way to better preserved ones, ultimately finishing with Macchu Picchu, the most complete and majestic of the group.

it wasn’t needed because Heather wasn’t into that kind of stuff

When Raul finished our tour he left us alone so that we may explore the city at our leisure. It was within ten minutes of this free exploration when Luke silently whispered to me, “Hey Ben, when I give you a signal give us a couple of minutes alone.” No further explanation needed. I offered to grab his DSLR camera, but he said it wasn’t needed because Heather wasn’t into that kind of stuff (He’s never going to live this down). I agreed. After about 10 minutes of looking for a quiet place, I pointed to a semi-isolated area and Luke investigated.

I asked Luke, “What if Heather gets suspicious that I’m not there?” He replied, “I’ll tell her you don’t feel good because of diarrhea.” Why does it always have to be diarrhea?

The Moment

When the time was right, Luke grabbed Heather and led her to a clearing. Despite Luke’s reservations, I decided to inconspicuously skulk around in the attempt to capture this once-in-a-lifetime event with my inferior point-and-shoot camera. This is how it went down.

I think she accepted!

Congratulations Luke and Heather
October 14, 2014

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